About Kathleen

Kathleen MacDonald

Kathleen was born 10/02/56 in SanMateo California. She has three older brothers and one younger sister. Having been born as an intuitive, she often felt misplaced and misunderstood in her childhood years. She recalls often replying to the frequently asked question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” with “Florence Nightingale”.This interesting combination of talents, quests, and an inability to feel understood, led her to a passionate career caring for and educating young children. She obtained a degree in Early childhood education from U.N.R. and another from the World Montessori Institute. She then spent 30 years in a wide variety of educational settings working with young children and their families.

Kathleen began her spiritual studies while still in High School. She meet her husband David in a 1974 meditation class primarily focused on the health of the chakra system. From there she spent the years up to the present studying a wide range of spiritual disciplines, traveling to various retreats, and committing to various meditation disciplines.It was not until a car accident a decade ago that she began needing the assistance of every healer know to God and Man. That journey eventually led her to seek out various healers. Somewhere during a personal interaction with a healer, her clairvoyant abilities were reawakened, quietly, and unbeknownst to her until she returned home to Reno with a Crystal Bed and turned it on. From there others began to seek the very help she herself had received. She is currently practicing at Sanctity.

Kathleen is available Wednesday through Saturday, with appointments offered from 9:00 – 1:45pm.