About Kathleen

Kathleen is a therapeutic practitioner, who helps people unburden and heal themselves of past trauma, fear, anger, and shame in order to live with more serenity, confidence, and resilience.

Kathleen brings with her decades of healing experience. Born an intuitive, she often felt misplaced and misunderstood as a child. This interesting combination of talents, quests, and an inability to feel understood, led her to a passionate career caring for and educating young children. She obtained a degree in Early childhood education from U.N.R. and another from the World Montessori Institute. She then spent 30 years in a wide variety of educational settings working with young children and their families.

Throughout her life, Kathleen has studied a wide range of spiritual and meditation disciplines. Kathleen’s continued personal healing and growth led her to Internal Family Systems (IFS), which she found to be transformative. She has studied IFS with the IFS Institute.

Kathleen is available Wednesday through Saturday, with appointments offered from 9:00 – 1:45pm.