About Crystal Bed Healing


A unique perspective of crystal bed room 1

The crystal ‘bed’ is also known as a crystal ‘bath’, and is actually a series of seven crystals suspended over the client as the client is lying down. These crystals are all mined from one large piece of Brazilian quartz, and are cut and polished to a pristine level of clarity before being blessed. Each of the crystals shines a unique color that corresponds to the one of the seven chakras, or energy centers, of the human body. The pulsation of light and energy from the crystals serves to balance our energy system and remove any potential blockages or unhealthy energetic patterns that we may be carrying – the result is improved health on all levels of our being.

The bed also serves as a ‘portal’ of interaction between the client and the Spirit Guides, in addition to many beneficial ascended masters and the celestial realms. Kathleen describes it as God’s grace providing light, seeking out our shadows and blockages and helping us clear them from various parts of our consciousness-including (but not limited to) the physical, emotional, subconscious, mental, and spiritual. The crystal bed is a way of spreading the healing qualities of the higher energies all over the world. The work can produce very profound positive changes in one’s life, and has the potential to be an immersive experience. ALL crystal bed facilitators must be approved to both purchase and work with a crystal bed.