David has a skill set like no other practitioner. Besides years of knowledge and experience, his deep intuition leads him to provide just what your body needs at any given session. My work and recreation both demand peak performance, which David helps me to deliver.



My dentist recommended I see David for relief from TMJ, and after our first session, I did get quite a bit of relief from those symptoms. However, the best and most unexpected, effects of going through and completing the ten sessions has been a great feeling of wellbeing both physically and mentally.

Physically, I am an active person-working out with weights several times a week and running, hiking and biking between. I had been used to an underlying soreness all the time. After Rolfing©, my body just doesn’t hold on to the tightness and soreness that it used to. Unlike traditional massage, the effects of Rolfing last far beyond the actual treatments or sessions. I am hoping that with David’s help, I will be able to maintain a high level of physical activity for the rest of my life!

I also enjoy a great feeling of emotional wellbeing during and after sessions. I love feeling the energy moving through and healing my body – a real treat!

Thanks, David.

Becky M.

I have a very intense schedule and need to stay in maximum health to support this schedule. I work out 6 days a week and found my recovery time, flexibility, tightness and soreness increasing with each birthday. I had heard about David from numerous, well respected, people and decided to give it a try.

It’s as good a hour you could ever experience. Imagine every body issue and ache you have and David’s magic fingers find that spot. Its like he’s inside your body and knows exactly where to work. He has the ability to get deep into the issue without causing pain – amazing!

David has increased my flexibility, removed my aches and soreness and made me feel 20 years younger. He is as talented as anyone I have met and true life changer. We are all looking for that edge and he delivers.

Rick Reviglio

Owner of Western Nevada Supply, Reno