Who can benefit from the crystal bed?

Virtually everyone! We have found faith in a Higher Power essential to your benefits from the Crystal Bed. Though many come to the bed for physical ailments, the healing energies associated with the bed heal us on all levels. The work of the bed does certainly work on the physical level, but it is not confined to healing physical issues alone. Clients often report an increased sense of ease or calm in daily life, as well as improvement in more specific issues. Please note that the Crystal Bed is not a substitute for medical care.

The only people who we do not recommend using the bed are those who have a history of severe mental illness.

What does it feel like?
The answer to this question varies quite a bit with every session. Clients often report a sense of increased ease or calm, even to the point of falling asleep. You may also experience some heat or tingling- or even get some mild aches in areas of injury – as energy works its way into the body. You body may feel very heavy, or you may experience a sensation of floating or levitating.

Other, more transcendent or spiritual experiences are also a possibility. But, again, each session is highly variable depending upon the nature of the healing that is taking place. The important thing to remember it that the work is happening no matter what. No matter what we are feeling on the bed, the most appropriate healing for our needs is taking place.

How Much does it cost?

The cost for each session is $150.

What do you, the practitioners, do?
All of the healing work is done collectively by the healing Spirit Guides, or Entities, Ascended Masters, the celestial realms, as well as various beneficial beings and realms. Kathleen often call ourselves facilitators because our main job is just that- we facilitate the physical aspect of your experience on the bed. During the session, Kathleen goes into another room and go into a meditative trancelike state. Kathleen’s energy is used as a translator.

During the session, we go into another room and go into meditation. This serves as a physical ‘boost’ to the work on the bed. Our energy can be utilized by the healing energies to help improve their work on the physical plane. This is a version of a process that occurs in Brazil.

It is worth noting that every crystal bed facilitator must be approved to work with a crystal bed- so we definitely serve an important, if relatively small, role in the process.

Do I, the client, need to do anything special?
We have listed some important considerations in our section about preparing for your session. Your only direction while on the bed is to be as receptive as possible. Each session is different, so it is best to just ‘go with the flow’ as much as you can. Cultivating and actively experiencing gratitude while on the bed is also a beneficial frequency for healing.
Is one session enough? How long until I see results?
Again, the answer to this question depends upon your unique situation. The work on the bed is difficult to predict before a first session. The healing effects of the bed begin as soon as you commit to coming, but oftentimes it may take a few sessions to get the full effect or to achieve resolution of your issue.

We generally recommend three sessions as an initial treatment ‘plan’- as this seems to be the number of sessions that the majority of clients need to feel complete. Many clients choose to continue past an initial set of three sessions. We ourselves continue to use the bed frequently, and can say from experience that the healing only continues into deeper levels as the work progresses.

I’m still confused about something, can I just call you?
Of course! We are always available to answer any questions that you may have, though please be patient if we do not return your call the same day.