I hear that Rolfing© is painful! Does Rolfing hurt?

The notion that Rolfing is painful is an old stigma, and simply not true!

Most of my clients are pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable they find Rolfing to be. In fact, many of my clients drift into sleep or a meditative state towards the end of the session!

Rolfing is not done to you, but rather with you; the client is always in charge. Rolfing frees restrictions that other therapies may have been unable to touch. Whenever such deep patterns are adjusted, you are bound to feel something. My clients generally find the brief periods of more intense sensation to be well worth the long term, long lasting, results. Your individual circumstances such as accident history, age, general health, and how quickly you wish to achieve your desired result all influence the sensations of being Rolfed.

Who benefits from Rolfing?

Virtually everyone. Rolfing is a powerful and transformative healing modality, and can improve our health on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Clients often come to me seeking relief from pain in the back, neck, and joints. I also commonly work with those who are seeking improved athletic performance or help improving their Yoga practice.

Our connective tissue-the myofacial system- holds memory at not only the physical level, but also as a reflection of our emotional body. Rolfing addresses long standing patterns as they are held in the physical body. The result is improved physical posture, relief from pain, and improved athletic performance, as well as release of undesirable emotional and psychological patterns. Clients can expect improvement on one or more of these levels.

How do I know if Rolfing is right for me?

I offer complimentary consultation by phone or in person. This time gives you a chance to clarify any questions that you might have about the work, and to explain what you are looking to achieve through Rolfing. I will then be better able to ascertain if Rolfing is a good fit for your needs at this time.

I hear that Rolfing takes ten sessions; do I have to commit to all ten?

Our first session is designed to be complete in and of itself, and you will then have the choice to continue. There are a few options after your first session regarding the number of Rolfing sessions you would like to pursue. We can discuss these options in person once I have an understanding of your unique goals and circumstance.

How should I prepare for a Rolfing session?

You will likely find it helpful to read through the Rolf Institute’s website: www.rolf.org

How long is a session and what does it cost?

A session is between one hour to an hour and fifteen minutes. The cost is $200.