About David- Advanced Certified Rolfer©

David MacDonald is a Rolfer© in private practice in Reno.

You can read more about David on his personal website: www.renotahoerolfing.com

David was born in Scotland in 1950, and moved to Lake Tahoe in 1973 to help open a vegetarian whole food restaurant.

He first experienced Rolfing© in 1974, and was inspired to begin a study of healing sciences that continues today.

After studying under Evelyn Chaitken, David became Director/teacher of a spiritual healing center in King’s Beach from 1975-1980.

Influenced by the late Lauren Berry R.P.T, David became the first massage technician at Lakeridge Tennis Club from 1983-1986.

David completed his Rolfing training in 1987 and Advanced Certification in 1990; he has since been in private practice in Reno.

He has been married for thirty years to Kathleen.

Together they have a 25 year old son named Ossian.

The profound spiritual influences that have directed David’s journey led him to Brazil in February, 2012 for an impactful meeting with a renowned healer.

David draws upon a range of healing techniques to best address his client’s unique needs and goals. Each session is comprised of a blend of bodywork modalities in conjunction with frequency healing.

The healing process that David facilitates results in relief from pain and distress, improves posture and performance, and a deeper unfolding of the client’s essential nature.

In addition to single treatments, David also offers the ten-session Rolfing process.

Consultations are available free of charge to discuss your needs and objectives.

David MacDonald