About Teresa Aramini

Teresa Aramini - Reiki Master

Teresa Aramini is a certified and licensed Usui Reiki Master Teacher. Teresa was first introduced to Reiki during a time of crisis. Being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, she had extreme difficulty remaining calm. Two close friends suggested she try Reiki to reduce her stress levels. Fortunately, the cancer scare was a misdiagnosis, but the introductionTeresa Reiki logo png to Reiki was life changing. Even after surgery and cancer-free diagnosis she continued to utilize Reiki as a healing modality. Impressed with her personal results, she learned Reiki and became passionate about sharing the remarkable healing with others.

Teresa created Reno Tahoe Reiki in 2011 and is dedicated to helping clients feel relaxed, refreshed and empowered by her Reiki sessions. She is happily married and enjoys spending time in the great outdoors. Her hobbies include travel, yoga, hiking, camping, kayaking, reading and learning. She is a native Nevadan and a University of Nevada, Reno graduate.