IFS Informed Counseling

My three decades of working with both children and adults has strengthened my belief that much of what we struggle on a day to day basis has its roots in childhood experiences. As humans, we are sensing and learning beings who adopt ways of being in the world to cope and protect ourselves. And some of these patterns no longer serve us or they’ve started to create new difficulties. This is where our work together starts.

I practice an evidence-based therapeutic modality called Internal Family Systems (IFS), which allows you to get in touch with the parts of you that were born out of fear, stress, anger, or trauma and begin to heal the attachment wounds. With healing, you can begin to experience more calm, clarity, and confidence in your life.

I recommend pairing an IFS session with a crystal bed session to  maximize healing integration.

IFS Sessions:
Initial consult: free, 15 minutes
Individual sessions: $175 (60 minutes)
12 sessions:  $1800 ($150/session)

IFS Sessions + Crystal Bed:
Individual Sessions: $300 (120 minutes)

Kathleen MacDonald