About Ossian

Ossian is a certified Rolf Method Practitioner. He has studied with one of Dr. Rolf’s original Rolfing students, Emmett Hutchins. Ossian practices full time in Sanctity. He is thrilled to offer a traditional approach to the Rolf Method, as envisioned by Dr. Ida Rolf. For more information on Ossian’s practice, please visit rolfmethodreno.com

In the spring of 2014, Ossian spent three months in India earning his 500-hour yoga teaching certificate (Yoga Alliance Approved).

Ossian earned his B.A in International Affairs at UNR, where he was a participant in the Honors Program. Ossian focused most of his independent study in the area of peace research-with emphasis on the work of Mohandas Gandhi.

Ossian MacDonald