The Experience


My experience on the bed was a peaceful clearing of my mind, body, and spirit. An opening and replenishing of life.


If it is your first time with us, we will take a moment to make sure that you don’t have any questions about the bed or work in general.

You will then set your intention for the session. Setting an intention is silently communicating with the healing entities  to ask for their help with select issues. Setting intention is also an excellent opportunity to say a prayer of gratitude to the healing energies. It is best to come with between one and a maximum of three issues at a time. You may also set a more general intention for whatever aid is needed or wanted, which allows the healing entities to prioritize the most appropriate work for you at the time. 

I have experienced many kinds of healings over my years but hands down this has been the most gentle, loving, and inspiring healing I have had the pleasure of working with. The bed is comfortable and relaxing. The atmosphere in the building is welcoming and smells amazing. Words cannot explain the experience.


Your practitioner will then help you get comfortable on the bed and share a few basic considerations about receiving the work. We have the option of music for the session if you like. The practitioner will then adjust the lights so they properly align with your chakras before checking that you are comfortable and leaving the room. Your only instruction is to relax and be receptive to the work.

You may experience a variety of sensations or emotions while on the bed. These sensations range from not feeling much at all, to a deep sense of calm, to necessary emotional processing, to physical sensations such as heat or tingling, to transcendent spiritual experiences. The work is happening no matter what you may be feeling!

Meanwhile, Kathleen will be in another room meditating. During this time she serves as an intuitive medium-translating the input of your crystal bed session. You have time with Kathleen after your session is over to discuss the details of what she received and to clarify your individual experience.  She takes care to give you the opportunity to share your unique experience and to discuss elements of the session that are important to you. Kathleen will also provide you a set of typewritten notes for your reference and referral after the session is complete.

We will have some time after you get off the bed to discuss your session. You can take this time to ask any questions that may have come up, and to describe any experiences you had on the bed.

After your session is over, we encourage you to take some time to relax and enjoy a cup of tea in our silent reflection area. You have been through a powerful healing process, and you may need a little while before getting back in a car. Plan on being gentle with yourself after your session: you may feel tired, or even a little ‘spacey’. You will likely continue to feel some effects from the session for a few days. These effects will leave as you integrate the full impact of the session, and are a natural part of the healing process.