Preparing For Your Session


While receiving a crystal bed treatment should not be an intimidating prospect, there are a few things that we ask you do in preparation for your session:

1) It is important to wear white clothing to the session. No need to be fancy, the main thing is that the clothing is white in color. If you need to change into your white clothes here at Sanctity, please arrive a few minutes early to do so in one of our restrooms or be able to change quickly at the start of the session.

If you do not have any white clothes, we have some loaner clothing for you to change into here at Sanctity. If this is the case, please do your best to avoid wearing black undergarments.

2) As some of our clients are sensitive to scents, we ask that you do not wear any perfume or heavily scented body products to your session.

3) While your session will last about an hour total, you may want to set aside a few minutes after your session to reintegrate before driving. We have a complimentary tea area for you to take some time after your session.

4) Please avoid any unnecessary intoxicants or stimulants before your session (i.e alcohol or excess caffeine.) Do NOT stop taking any prescription medication without express consent of your physician.

5) Please be punctual to your session. Feel free to call to be sure on how to get here. We also have a map on our website to help you find your way!

6) RELAX! The crystal bed offers a beautiful opportunity for healing on many levels. You may find it helpful to mediate or pray a little before your session-but your only ‘job’ on the bed is to simply experience whatever the bed has to offer with humility and grace.